RGII Photography


Modeling/Professional Headshots

Looking to strut your stuff on the runway? Does your place of employment need to update their website? RGII Photography can provide you with high resolution images that are sure to make people take a double take. So whether you are a CEO of your own company or the next Tyra Banks book your appointment today.


Whether you're getting your masters are just entering the world fresh out of high school, graduation deserves to be commemorated the right way.

1hr Photoshoot + 1 Outfit: $75

2hr Photoshoot + 2 Outfits: $150

3hr+ Photoshoot + Unlimited Outfits: $250

Groups: 2-3 $200 with a minimum of 3 hours. + 2 outfit changes

Groups of 5+: $500 for 3hrs + 2 outfit changes.

*Each graduation photoshoot comes with a free online dropbox for photos. CD/DVDs of your photoshoot are available for an additional price.

1 hr Photoshoot+ 1 Outfit


2r Photoshoot + 2outfits

3hr Photoshoot + Unlimited Outfits 

*Clients get full copyright to all images, proper credit is expected with photos are to be used for advertising.



1hr Photoshoot + One outfit change

Family groups of 1-3: 


​Family groups of 4-5:

Family groups of 5+

​ $200
*All sessions come with a free online dropbox. CD/DVDs come with an additional charge.

Wedding/Family Portraits

From bridal shoots to engagement shoots and even family reunions, allow us to capture your families most precious moments forever. Gentlemen looking to surprise their special someone need not to worry, we can assist you properly. 

Wedding Photography is priced in 4 hour intervals. Additional time is available for an additional fee.

Weddings consisting with under 50 attendees

Behind the Scenes/Preview Shots $50
Entire Ceremony Only: $300

Wedding and Reception: $500
Bridal Portraits: $200

*For larger weddings please contact me directly at: rodneygrayjrmedia@outlook.com or 843-452-0217.